Build It And They Will Come: B2B Marketing’s Biggest Fallacy

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Build It And They Will Come: B2B Marketing’s Biggest Fallacy

The world of B2B marketing can be a confusing place.

You’ll hear countless marketing agencies preach that new or updated websites and fresh online content are key in today’s digital age. And they are.

Why, then, do these efforts so often not get the results firms expect – even when they thought they’d done everything right?

The answer is often the same: the ‘build it and they will come’ fallacy.

“The ‘build it and they will come’ fallacy is the false belief that if you create the right content (be it a website, an article, a video, etc.), your target audience will find it on their own.”
Jonathan Phillips

We often see firms spend all of their allocated time and resource on creating a shiny new website or white paper, and then be baffled when the results don’t start from there.

No matter how relevant, topical, or high quality your content or website is, it won’t pay off if no one sees it. And it doesn’t just need to be seen; it needs to be seen by the right people.

The reality is your target audience aren’t likely to find your content or website by chance. And they’re often not going to be seeking you out directly.

That’s why implementing a proactive attraction and distribution strategy to make sure you’re seen by your target audience is the missing piece of the puzzle. With it, you’ll start to see returns on your marketing investment. Without it, your time and money spent up front might be wasted.

“Content is king, but distribution is queen. And she wears the pants”  – Jonathan Perelman

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can make your content more visible for your target clients:

  • Social sharing: Sharing blog posts or other content on social media is a free and simple way to increase their impact, and get your message to your social network. Build up your social network by connecting with clients, prospective clients and industry influencers, to expand your reach. Read our blog on LinkedIn to find out what’s in it for you.
  • Email Marketing: Whether you’re sitting on a long client database that’s been collecting dust over the years, or you’re just starting out with a few contact names, these lists are there for you to engage. Sharing relevant blogs, content or packages with these lists is a good way to get your content seen by a ‘right-fit’ audience, and also to nurture these relationships. Check out our top 5 email subject lines to get started.
  • GoogleAdwords: The Google Adwords tool enables you to target people based on keywords they’re searching for online and places your website (or content) at the top of their search. To find out more on how Google Adwords can help get your firm noticed, get in touch.

While these are good places to start, consider putting some resource aside for distribution when investing in your marketing efforts. A small investment can maximize the returns from your up-front efforts – and save them from falling flat.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, or to get your firm noticed by your ideal clients, let us know. One of our senior team will be in touch to discuss your firm’s needs.

If you’re not ready to talk just yet, check out our guide on how to extend the reach of your existing marketing materials.

Build It And They Will Come: B2B Marketing’s Biggest Fallacy
Ashley Jenkins

Ashley is a senior digital marketing specialist at JTN Group in London where she plans and executes high-ROI digital media and PR campaigns for B2B clients in high-growth industries including Fintech, Commercial Property, and Manufacturing. Read more about JTN Group.


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