Account Based Marketing


Reach specific organizations, roles, and people with personalized messaging.

No more spray and pray marketing - target your outreach down to the individual person. B2B is 1-to-1.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) flips traditional marketing and business development functions on their head. Instead of casting a wide net and filtering out unwanted prospects, ABM allows your organization to advertise to, and engage with, only your ideal target organizations, roles and specific named individuals.

The result: Campaigns with zero wastage, at costs up to 90% lower than typical B2B marketing. 

A typical ABM engagement includes:

1. Account Identification

Team JTN identifies accounts that are most valuable to your organization, using firmographic data, technographic data, and intent data.

2. Persona Development

Persona development means uncovering the frustrations, wants and needs of your target accounts. Combining the knowledge of industry experts with customer and prospect interviews reveals powerful insights that become the foundation of your marketing messages.

3. Message Development

Team JTN use the insights from Persona Development to develop persuasive marketing content in a range of formats, including: email, white papers, case studies, podcasts, direct mail, telesales, and more.

4. Channel Activation

Industry-leading technology means your tailored messaging reaches the specific companies, roles, and individuals we identified - wherever they engage online. Using the widest channel selection - including social media, display advertising, pay per click media, native advertising, connected tv, audio advertising, and more - enables the driving down of the ultimate cost per result.

5. Reporting and Optimization

Consistent monitoring and optimization of your ABM campaigns ensures you're reaching the people you want to be, and getting the responses you want.


JTN Clients Get More


Expert Account Management

Your campaigns managed by a senior strategist, who is also your primary point of contact.


Blended Team

Access to expert copywriters, designers, videographers, animators, media buyers, developers, and more at no extra cost.



Top-tier technology included as standard, from leaders like Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe, Clearbit, Google, Open AI and others.



Always the highest quality data for your campaigns - including prospect, intent, analytic, and insight data.


Monthly Briefings

Client-only briefings explaining how trends and regulatory changes affect your organization specifically.

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