Marketing Operations Playbook


A 6 week training program providing marketing, sales, and advertising teams the tools and training necessary to execute effective, accountable campaigns that drive measurable and meaningful results for their organizations.

The "Marketing Operations Playbook" is a 6 week training program that provides marketing, sales, and advertising teams the tools and training necessary to execute effective, accountable campaigns that drive measurable and meaningful results for their organizations. This playbook offers a strategic framework and step-by-step instructions for building, managing, and optimizing marketing operations that deliver tangible growth.

By implementing the strategies presented in this playbook, teams are equipped to generate higher-quality leads, improve sales conversions, and maximize the ROI of marketing efforts.

Key features of the Marketing Operations Playbook include:

  1. Strategic Framework: The playbook provides a solid foundation in marketing operations, explaining the role and importance of effective marketing operations in driving organizational success. Learn how to develop a strategic plan that aligns with the organization's goals and objectives, ensuring marketing efforts contribute to overall business growth.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: Understand the importance of data-driven decision making in marketing, sales and advertising operations and learn how to collect, analyze, and leverage data to make informed decisions. Discover best practices for tracking, measuring, and reporting on key performance metrics that demonstrate the impact of your marketing campaigns.
  3. Marketing Technology Stack: Explore the marketing technology landscape and identify the right tools and software to streamline and automate marketing operations. From CRM and marketing automation to analytics and project management, the playbook offers guidance on selecting the best tools to optimize marketing processes and drive efficiency.
  4. Campaign Management: Dive into the essentials of managing marketing campaigns, from planning and execution to tracking and analysis. The playbook provides a comprehensive overview of creating and managing multi-channel campaigns that deliver consistent, targeted messaging to an organization's ideal audience, improving lead generation levels and sales conversions.
  5. Collaboration and Alignment: Learn how to improve collaboration and alignment between marketing, sales, and advertising teams, fostering a seamless, integrated approach to driving business results. The playbook offers practical advice for breaking down silos, improving communication, and establishing shared goals and KPIs that unite your teams and enhance overall performance.
  6. Case Studies and Examples: The playbook includes real-life case studies and examples, showcasing the successful implementation of marketing operations strategies across various B2B industries. Participants learn from the experiences of leading organizations and gain inspiration for their own marketing operations initiatives.
  7. Customizable Templates and Resources: To facilitate the practical application of the playbook's insights, it includes a suite of customizable templates and resources, such as marketing plans, campaign briefs, and performance reports. These assets enable teams to quickly and effectively implement the strategies and best practices outlined in the playbook.

The Marketing Operations Playbook is a 6 week training program with continuing education sessions answering participants' questions and delivering industry updates.


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