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JTN plans, executes, analyzes, and optimizes your organization’s advertising across platforms online and off, including display, native, social, video, audio, billboard, and connected TV.

The JTN team has been buying, selling, and brokering digital advertising for decades – from the very beginning of the commercial internet. More recently, advances in the measurement capabilities of offline media mean offline media including billboard (DOOH) and TV (CTV) can be added to the advertising mix without sacrificing traceability, analysis, and optimization.

JTN’s multi-channel approach to full-funnel marketing and advertising drives greater reach with industry-leading precision. This increased reach ultimately drives down acquisition costs (leads, conversations, meetings, customers) and simultaneously locks out competitors.

Display Advertising

The most versatile and broadest reach of all digital advertising, display advertising appears in standard sizes across websites, mobile apps, and social media.

Native Advertising

Advertising designed to mimic the look, feel, and function of the surrounding content, making it less intrusive and more engaging for users. Often used for thought leadership and content distribution, native advertising allows B2B organizations to align their marketing messages with leading brands including WSJ, Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, and many more.

Social Media Advertising

LinkedIn is widely thought to offer the best audience for B2B prospects, but industry-leading technology allows JTN's media specialists to reach specific B2B organizations, job roles, and individuals across all social networks - at significantly lower costs than LinkedIn alone.

Video Advertising

Deliver engaging video via in-stream advertising (before, during, and after video content on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and streaming TV); out-stream advertising (standalone videos placed on websites and blogs amongst relevant content); social media video; and native video placements.

Audio Advertising

Drive awareness and loyalty amongst hard-to-reach audiences with audio advertising. Choose traditional radio ads for reach; choose podcast and streaming audio ads (Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.) for precision.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising - including Digital Out of Home (DOOH) - places your message in some of the most visible offline locations in the US. Best for driving low cost, high reach top of funnel awareness.

Connected TV Advertising

CTV advertising gives organizations the opportunity to reach a growing and engaged audience that's increasingly difficult to connect with through traditional media channels. CTV media buying combines the precision of digital media with the reach of traditional TV advertising.


JTN Clients Get More


Expert Account Management

Your campaigns managed by a senior strategist, who is also your primary point of contact.


Blended Team

Access to expert copywriters, designers, videographers, animators, media buyers, developers, and more at no extra cost.



Top-tier technology included as standard, from leaders like Salesforce, Marketo, Adobe, Clearbit, Google, Open AI and others.



Always the highest quality data for your campaigns - including prospect, intent, analytic, and insight data.


Monthly Briefings

Client-only briefings explaining how trends and regulatory changes affect your organization specifically.

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